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Helping Children Development disabilities in investment function to professionals in investment fields (banks, financial management entities, etc.) who possess qualifications in the money management
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DayOne PACT Life Management Services® Investment Policy

In serving in its role as guardian of estate or as trustee, DayOne PACT assures proper administration of assets held by the estate or trust, but delegates the investment function to professionals in investment fields (banks, financial management entities, etc.) who possess qualifications in the money management area. The administrative group of DayOne PACT, including a Controller of Accounting and Finance, confers with the financial entities regarding the goals of each estate guardianship or trust in order to arrive at specific investment strategies in each case. Strategy instructions provided in the trust document or intended in the estate plan are among primary considerations in an investment approach.

The particular investments chosen in any given case depend upon many considerations, including the written terms/philosophy of a trust; consideration of indications of how the ward would have wanted to handle finances in the case of an estate guardianship; the beginning amount of money to be invested; the projected length of time the money is intended to last; the age of the ward/beneficiary; the current and likely future health conditions of the person; the expected amounts, patterns and frequency of expenditures and corresponding need for liquidity; the degree of required activity on the part of the trustee/guardian; etc. There are cases in which the combined above factors indicate a more aggressive strategy (perhaps stock mutual funds), and cases which call for a very conservative approach such as money market accounts or certificates of deposit.* The investments chosen may also change over time as the needs of the ward or beneficiary, the amount of assets, the need for liquidity or other factors dictate.

DayOne PACT works with a select number of financial institutions who have demonstrated responsible and solid investment/earnings/performance decisions. We are also open to working with other entities preferred by the family or attorney of the person with disabilities, assuming the entity is a qualified legitimate option with a viable investment history that meets our specific standards. As guardian of estate and/or trustee, DayOne PACT has the authority to change the financial entity being used should the need arise.

Specific additional questions can be addressed to Kevin Kristin, Controller of Accounting and Finance, DayOne PACT (331) 481-4205.

*The financial entity’s money management and investment fees are in addition to and separate from DayOne PACT’s service fees, and may differ among institutions. Bank money market accounts and certificates of deposit typically carry no management fees by an institution.

updated November, 2016



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