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Guardian Services

Guardian Services for children and adults with development disabilities in Dupage County Illinois serving Naperville Illinois, Bolingbrook IL, Aurora Illinois, Wheaton IL, Downers Grove IllinoisGuardianship services was the founding reason for DayOne PACT when it began in 1981 and it remains a vital part of our services today.

Whether it is a young child who needs a Guardian of Estate to ensure that their financial resources are protected for years to come, or a senior with dementia and no family left to guard them against exploitation and needs a Guardian of Person, there are times when people may need someone who can act on their behalf to make financial and personal decisions that are in the person’s best interest. At its core, this is what a guardian does.

As guardian, we help to ensure personal and financial well-being when a disability affects an individual’s ability to make or communicate decisions.  Recognizing the need for guardianship is often difficult for individuals and families, so when called on to act in this capacity we strive to help maintain the dignity of the individual.

A guardian can be important to ensure personal or financial well-being when a disability affects an individual’s ability to make or communicate decisions. Under court appointment, DayOne PACT may serve as guardian of the person, guardian of the estate, or both, or as successor guardian of the person, and/or estate. As guardian, DayOne PACT will make substitute decisions on the individual’s behalf if necessary, and most importantly, provide critical communication to family, providers, and the individual served.

The specific roles that Life Management Services® can play are:

  • Guardian of Person
  • Guardian of Estate
  • Plenary Guardian of Person and Estate
  • Short-term Guardian
  • Temporary Guardian
  • Limited Guardian
  • Successor Guardian


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