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Social Emotional Specialist support reflective, relationship based practice with both Service Coordinators and therapists in Early Intervention
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Who is the Social-Emotional specialist?
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Who is the Social Emotional Specialist?

Early Intervention services  disability information  Prepares and supports families for the transition out of Early Intervention  educational workshops for parents

The Social Emotional Specialist is a mental health professional with a background in providing therapy services to infants, young children and their families. 

Her role in the Child and Family Connections office is to support reflective, relationship-based practice with both Service Coordinators and therapists in EI.  She does this by offering training on issues related to infant mental health, early social emotional development, supporting parent-child relationships, and by providing a place for CFC staff and therapists to reflect on their work.  She is available to consult with therapists and service coordinators as needed.  She also facilitates Parent-to-Parent events along with the Parent Liaisons.




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