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Child & Family Connections FAQs  questions or concerns about your child’s development
What can Child & Family Connections do for you and your child?
What is Early Intervention?
How do I refer a child?
Who is the Service Coordinator?
Who is the Parent Liaison?
Who is the Social-Emotional specialist?
What is LIC?


Child & Family Connections FAQs

When should I contact Child and Family Connections?

As soon as you have questions or concerns about your child’s development.

How does my child become eligible for Early Intervention Service?

In order to qualify for EI services, a child must have at least a 30% developmental delay or a qualifying medical condition. The Service Coordinator will guide you through this process.

Who pays for Early Intervention services?

EI services are paid for with a combination of government and family resources. The cost of some services are paid by the program and provided to families at no cost. These include evaluation, assessment, development of a service plan, and service coordination. Ongoing EI services can be paid for by the family’s health insurance, when appropriate, government insurance (All Kids), and program funds. Families contribute to the cost of services by paying fees based on a sliding scale.

Do I have to go somewhere for services?

No, meetings and therapies are designed to be delivered in the family home.

How soon do services start?

Typically, a family service plan is done within 45 days and services will begin within 90 days.

Who decides on the services we will receive?

A team including parents, a service coordinator and therapists create the service plan for the family.

How long will services continue?

Services continue until there is no longer a need for them or until your child turns 3. If services are needed after age 3 a referral is made to the local school district so that special education services can continue to provide needed assistance.


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